We would like to thank:

Louise Anson for her kind permission to use the image of Helen Waddell

The Belfast Telegraph for their kind permission to use the following images:

• 1960s: Madge Davison at Vietnam War protest at the Lord Mayor's Parade 1968 – Copyright Belfast Telegraph

• 1970s Women protesting as part of the Milk Campaign – Copyright Belfast Telegraph

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland for kind permission to use the following images:  

• 1950s Betty Sinclair as part of a delegation to Leningrad 1955. PRONI D1050/6/H/1.

• 1970s Printed notice with illustration - 'Free Our Country - Join the Women's Army - Cumann na mBan' 1974. PRONI D2879/5/16.

• 1930s Newspaper photograph of Rosamond Praeger 1930. PRONI D3038/2/13.

• 1920s Female labour in the packing room of Boon, Alexander packaging and parcelling finished linen cloths. Male [possibly the supervisor] in background. PRONI D3082/A/6 .

• 1950s Women (apparently visually impaired) working in a factory making wire brushes. PRONI D3363/D/C/4.

• 1900s Women weft winding. PRONI D3484/5 

• 1980 Bernadette McAliskey (nee Devlin) at the traditional first of January H-Block protest in the Andersonstown area of Belfast. PRONI D3643/39.

• 1900s Lilian Bland, testing prototype bi-plane. PRONI INF/7/B/3/12 . 

• 1900 Women playing hockey at Seymour Hill, Dunmurry, Co.Antrim. PRONI T1677/10/6 .

• 1910 Suffragette election poster 'Electors'. Put a stop to this torture; as caption for representation of force-feeding of Suffragettes in custody. PRONI T3322/26 .